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Warriors by Hawkieface


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February 17
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A moon had passed since the last of the warriors who had been inflicted with snake venom had succumbed to it.  Most of the cats had finally gotten over the grief, and even those who were still not back to their full selves were doing much better than they had been a moon ago.  As the evening sun slowly sank down the horizon, a tired Kindlestar stretched as she approached the fresh kill pile, hunger gnawing at her belly.  Picking a snake from the pile, she dragged it away, thinking of nothing more than eating and later sinking into the nest in her den.  Work on fixing the camp back to proper living conditions had finally been finished, but the last few errands had been overlooked by her that day, and in her eagerness to complete the work that same day she had tried her hardest to endure the heat stroke sun, a mistake she had to promise not to make again to both her deputy and her medicine cat.

"Oh yeah?  Well guess what you little runt!  We have dawn patrol again tomorrow.  Let's see if you still have any sass left in you after that."

The angry snarl made Kindlestar lift her head in surprise, and noticing what the commotion was, she couldn't help but twitch her whiskers in amusement.  It seemed to be that Viperfang was once more having a row with Brightpaw, and from the looks of it, her daughter was not backing out this time.  Shaking her head with a smirk still plastered over her face, she couldn't help but wonder if Viperfang really had been the best option for Brightpaw's mentor.  She had hoped that his strict, oppressive nature would make her respect authority more, if anything out of fear... but it seemed to be that it was having quite the opposite effect on the young she-cat, and instead she grew spunkier each day.  Still... that Viperfang was back to being his obnoxious self meant only one thing to Kindlestar, life was finally moving on for FireClan.
This is an assignment for
:icontwgfireclanplz: :iconthe-warriors-guild: :icontwgfireclanplz:

For this assignment, if you are going to have your character interact with others, you are only to interact with characters in your same patrol for the sake of completing your assignment.  After all, it makes no sense you are hunting with a character that is not in the hunting patrol with you, does it? ;3  As always, completed rps, written works of no less than two full paragraphs, and art is accepted for completed assignments.  For those under penalty, however, rps are not viable until the penalty has been lifted.


The Fox's Den
While out on a hunting patrol, an unsuspecting apprentice made the mistake of entering a fox's den... and this one was habituated by a rather disgrunted fox.  The fox attacks the patrol, and there is no chance to escape, not if the apprentice is to escape with their life.  Fueled by adrenaline, the patrol attacks.  Will you be able to survive the fox's attack by scaring it away and come back victorious to camp, or will you fall prey to it?

Tawnylight [0/3]
Whisperfeather [0/2]
Fangstrike [2/2] :clap:
Gingerblaze [0/2]
Bumblepaw [3/3] :clap:
Lilacpaw [0/2]

Apprentices are nearing that time of their lives when they join their mentors in the ranks of warriors.  But first, they must prove that they have what it takes.  Mentors will tell their apprentices what their mission is this assessment, and it is up to the apprentice to follow orders and impress their mentors to gain that warrior name at last.  Patrols here are divided by warriors.  Apprentices must follow the orders from the warrior handling their assessment if they want to pass on to their next stage in life.

Fallowcreek [0/1]
Twitchpaw [1/1] :clap:

Lightwhisper [1/1] :clap:
Twigpaw [-heart] [1/1] :clap:
Thunderpaw [0/1]

Border Patrols
Let's keep those border marks fresh.  We don't want PebbleClan and MoonClan to forget who this land belongs to, after all.

MoonClan Border

Cliffstalker [1/1] :clap:
Blackfire [1/1] :clap:
Cloudydawn [1/1] :clap:

PebbleClan Border

Viperfang [1/1] :clap:
Oakpaw [1/1] :clap:
Hopeflame [1/1] :clap:

Daily Living
Life on FireClan is composed of many aspects.  Hunting, gathering water, training, chatter among the clanmates, and kits getting into shenanigans.

Hunting Patrol
All cats must eat.  It is your job this moon to ensure the clan is well fed.

Dustystorm [1/1] :clap:
Ivorybird [1/1] :clap:
Furyclaw [0/1]

Water Gathering
Water is a precious and scarce resource here in FireClan.  The Fire Pool provides the water we need, but at this time of the year it is prone to freezing at certain hours, and dangerous for kits and elders.  Time your trips wisely and bring back plenty of water for the cats in the Clan.

Cinderstorm  [1/1] :clap:
Olivefeather [1/1] :clap:
Braveclaw [1/1] :clap:

Be it battle training, hunting training, or getting to know the territory, apprentices and mentors are constantly training.

Strikefrost [1/1] :clap:
Burntpaw [0/1]

Resting at the Camp
It's been a hard day of work... and I am sure you are not skiving your duties at all~  Idle chatter with your Clanmates?  Taking a nap in the evening sun?  Maybe even giving the kits a run for their money and getting into worse trouble than they normally do?  Let's see what your cat does with their free time.

Echopaw [0/1]
Snowflight [1/1] :clap:

Nursery Shenanigans
Kits will be kits.  Queens beware.

Bloomit [0/1]
Coalkit [1/1] :clap:

Due Date
This assignment is due on March 10, 2014, three weeks from today.
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