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Chibi Kakortok by AlchemistKitsune Chibi Kakortok :iconalchemistkitsune:AlchemistKitsune 4 1 Tukulria Bust by AlchemistKitsune Tukulria Bust :iconalchemistkitsune:AlchemistKitsune 6 2
TWG | FireClan Assignment | The Cutting of Ties
"-because of this very reason that I ask all apprentices to always travel with a warrior, and for warriors to not venture out alone.  I am afraid that while we have ruled out a few possible suspects on the murders, I still advice to take the utmost precaution," Kindlestar mewed out from atop the Dead Tree, looking down at the assembled cats solemnly and with a tired gaze, no doubt the events taking a toll on her by now.
The moon following Cloudydawn's attack had been brutal on FireClan.  Not long after hear death, Leapkit and Basilkit were found mutilated in the same fashion by Dawncloud, and the small amount of self-control some cats had been clinging to tore apart, chaos ensuing.  Some cats proceeded to blaming others, much like Cliffstalker had done to Redsun the day Cloudydawn had been found murdered.  Others had flat out left, either out of distaste for Kindlestar's rule or because they no longer felt safe within the clan walls.  Kindles
:iconalchemistkitsune:AlchemistKitsune 9 15
FireClan Ceremonies January 2015
All of FireClan finally settled down as Burnttail sat down next to his fellow warriors, roars of laughter being heard despite the chaos that had been plaguing FireClan of late.  Tension was still high and fights still erupted at the slightest provocation, but Kindlestar's newest tease seemed to do the trick, and even a rather embarrassed Burnttail couldn't help but grin at his leader's sense of humor.  It was well known that Burntpaw had vanished from FireClan for a while, only to come back and restart his training.  Their leader had wanted to let the burning stares of his clanmates upon his return to be remembered for the long run it would seem, although she assured him with a cackle that the name would grow on him, going as far as asking Dawncloud for his opinion on the matter... an opinion he would have no doubt reflected with a rude hand gesture had he had hands.  Unfortunately for the tom, his expression simply seemed to fuel the fires of the guffaws further.
:iconalchemistkitsune:AlchemistKitsune 7 14
Patchstar by AlchemistKitsune Patchstar :iconalchemistkitsune:AlchemistKitsune 21 10
TGB | A Ghost in the Light | RP
[Asha/Orange fire/northern pheasant woods]
Asha had plopped down with a nice fat mouse near the border of water tribe. It was always tempting to rush over the scent line and see if there was any trace of her former mate. She figured that the tribes had enough trouble without her doing something stupid like that. The warrior didn't want to be mistaken for a Golden spy and end up hurt or worse. So she stayed near the border and watched cats come and go and get on with their lives. She made sure to stay in the shade of the trees, so she looked like she was just enjoying a meal in the shade. Sometimes she climbed into a tree to watch cats since there was a better view, but today she felt no such desire. The weather was actually nice, clear skies and not too hot. Maybe she would find a nice sunny spot to curlup on after she had eaten. She had been hunting all morning, after all.
[Averett | Green Light | Northern Pheasant Woods]
Light bathed the canopy of trees above the w
:iconalchemistkitsune:AlchemistKitsune 1 0
TWG | Kindlesquared Snuggles by AlchemistKitsune TWG | Kindlesquared Snuggles :iconalchemistkitsune:AlchemistKitsune 19 14 TWG | Here Comes the Night by AlchemistKitsune TWG | Here Comes the Night :iconalchemistkitsune:AlchemistKitsune 28 22
TWG | FireClan Ceremonies November 2014
A cold, solemn air of tension engulfed all of FireClan as the leader stepped up on the Dead Tree, her powerful, challenging authority being the only thing keeping cats quiet in this occasion.  Another attack had occurred on FireClan territory, this time not on a queen, but on kits.  Two kits to be precise.  Brindlekit and Leapkit, siblings that should have been apprenticed this very moon had just had their silent vigil two moons ago.  Eager to cheer up Ashenkit and Mossykit after the loss of their mother, the two had set out to find the mysterious FireClan killer, wanting to show the kits that they were not alone and were still considered family by the rest of the clan.
As fate would have it, they found the killer.  Unfortunately for the young kits, neither lived to tell the tale, instead their bodies having been left as mangled and deteriorated as Cloudydawn's had been, no trace of respect or regret, simply carnage left to bake in the hot heat stroke sun.
:iconalchemistkitsune:AlchemistKitsune 7 6
TWG | FC Assignment | A Cloudy Sunset
A few white, puff clouds littered the otherwise perfectly blue skies that shone above the unforgiving gorge, the display of such wonderful weather a rarity during the leaf bare, but a welcome change to those who wished for nothing more than to catch a few rays of sunshine.  Stepping out of the nursery, a beautiful pale gray tabby looked up at the sky with equally blue eyes, her gaze shining with wonder at the sight.  It had been far too long since a day as perfect as this had presented itself, and even longer since the last time she had stepped out of the nursery for a prolonged time.  Soon feeling a bump by her left hind leg - one of the very reasons she had not strayed too far from camp even - Cloudydawn turned to look around, quickly spotting her son, Ashenkit, standing beside her with his sister right behind.  A loving smile lit her features as she bent down to lick the two kits tenderly between the ears, earning squeals of delight from both.
Proceeding to take
:iconalchemistkitsune:AlchemistKitsune 12 62
Brightsong | The Warriors Guild | Character Sheet by AlchemistKitsune Brightsong | The Warriors Guild | Character Sheet :iconalchemistkitsune:AlchemistKitsune 14 20
FireClan October 2014 Ceremonies
Seasoned muscles leaped into action as Kindlestar landed herself on top of the Dead Tree, golden eyes gazing below her at the cats gathered in camp.  The setting sun was at the perfect height, giving FireClan enough light to sort out their meetings and evening social hour and enough cool air to keep them comfortable.  It was this time that the FireClan leader chose for the ceremony, same as every time before.  Yet this time she couldn't help but feel her chest swell with pride, and close beside her she could see her mate doing the same.  Her three kits would today embark on their new stage of life, and she couldn't help but smile fondly and wonder if she was too old to start a new litter again, a slightly mischievous smile in her face at the thought.
Along with Brightpaw, Flashpaw, and Russetpaw, Kindlestar could spot Wonderpaw, an older apprentice whom had long since deserved his warrior name.  Nodding her head without having to issue the usual call, all cats
:iconalchemistkitsune:AlchemistKitsune 9 22
TGB|Flickering Embers by AlchemistKitsune TGB|Flickering Embers :iconalchemistkitsune:AlchemistKitsune 12 2
TGB | Lighting the Fires | RP
[Asha/Pink-orange Fire/fallen birch]
Why. Why did cobwebs have to be so sticky? The dark furred she-cat KNEW how to do this. This was a thing she had done on her own many, many times. The smell of blood hung in the air, despite Asha's best efforts to keep the needed liquid inside of her. Cobwebs were plastered on her muzzle and paws- though she had been aiming for her shoulder. She had managed to get a thin layer of the stuff on the wound, but blood had already seeped through. That... worried her. She had blood dripping down her making her fur sticky. If that wasn't bad enough she still stunk of fox. The fire triber wouldn't be surprised if the fox tracked her down using the blood trail she left. Maybe she should have wandered into Light Tribe after all. Or at least gotten Debito to stay with her. But noooo. They had gotten to this point she told him she could make in on her own; the wound wasn't that bad. She had been rather insistent that she could make it on her own. If she hadn't p
:iconalchemistkitsune:AlchemistKitsune 6 2
TGB | Light in the Deep End
It is our duty to serve all of the tribes, and ensure their safety.  They are our responsibility, just as they always have been.
They... are not us. The Golden Butterflies, and those that choose to follow them.

Basil's words continuously echoed in Averett's mind as he scanned the Water Tribers once more, for once in his time since entering the tribes his face one of solemn severity.  Since his arrival at the Water Tribe's lands he had kept a vigilant eye, more so on his healing comrades than on any other cat in the vicinity.  Much as he loathe the dark nature of his powers, he was once more grateful for them; much as he had been the day they had been bestowed upon him and his tattoo had gained its light during the caiman war.  The idea of any cat harming another who had vowed to harm none and heal to their best of abilities made the Green Light sour, considering such an act disgraceful and of utmost cowardice.  No, Esme and Morton would fall
:iconalchemistkitsune:AlchemistKitsune 10 6
TGB | The Kit in the Puddle | RP
[Green Light | Averett | Light Tribe Camp]
To and fro the movement of cats could be seen and heard all around Light Tribe camp, the warm winter being taken full advantage of by the tribe’s members as cats could be seen heading to and arriving from hunts, most whom arrived with more prey than they should on what was normally such a bleak, dead season.  Among those arriving to Light Tribe’s camp, mouth full with a rather small but plump enough rabbit, was Averett in an odd display of diligence, even his normally lazy nature being unable to resist the tempting mistress of the off season autumn wind that beaconed him to run in the early, crisp breeze and try his luck with the prey that so recklessly bounded around in its pursuit of food to store for the winter that seemed reluctant to make its presence known.  Seafoam eyes searching his surroundings, the Green Light couldn’t help but suppress a sigh.  Ever since his friend, Charley had le
:iconalchemistkitsune:AlchemistKitsune 3 0

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Hello everyone.  As most of you have probably noticed, this month has been met by a lot of inactivity from me, which genuinely blows because I was planning on doing so much art this month which I never got around to.  As some of you might know, a fair few months ago I had been busy with helping my mother move and the prospect of buying a new apartment.  The reason for these moves were to be closer to my grandmother, whom ever since her brother-in-law's death (They have been as close as siblings ever since they were young, and more so since my grandaunt died.) has had a declining health.  Physically she is fine, but mentally... not so much.

I like to think that she is just going senile, but unfortunately that isn't the case, and despite myself I find it hard to actually be able to sit in the computer and art much in any way, shape or form.  It's little things such as talking to her every day yet having her tell me "Oh it's been so long since we last spoke, you need to stop by more often", and the like.  I understand it probably doesn't sound very imposing or as if it shouldn't affect much, but this woman is my closest family member, and it is breaking my heart enough to see her like this for it to be affecting me in my personal life.  It may be premature, but I am dreading having a day when she stares right through me because she can no longer remember who I am, something that seems to be closing in as she keeps referring to me by her sister's name.  I know I am at this point rambling and no doubt making it worse than it probably is, but it's just been getting so much worse these past two months that I guess rambling is all I can do at the moment.

To those who do read this, I am very sorry if this semi-hiatus in any way affects you.  Especially if you are among those I have ongoing rps with or I am in a group with.  To those I have rps with, I am afraid I will have to ask for a little patience, as unfortunately it has been very hard to get into character for responses.  Not impossible, but it really depends on my current mood swing.  To those in TWG, do not fret, most of the next iteration of FireClan's plot is complete and will hopefully be out this following assignment if all goes well.  In other words if my computer doesn't decide that it's too good for my internet connection, in which case it will be out within the first week regardless but you all get extensions because that would be on me. ^^;

Once more, I am very sorry for any inconveniences this might cause.  I do feel some time away from it all - or rather from most - would be good for me though, and I would like to be able to come back and kick those submissions and art blocks in the behind.  I'll let you all know when I am fully back, and thank you very much for your patience in advance.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Puerto Rico
I do not have anything in particular to type here. Carry on~


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Skoft Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2016  Student Digital Artist
happy birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day!
Echofang Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday!!
Nixhil Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015  Student Digital Artist
oO-GarnetKat-Oo Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015
I've come to thank you soo much for leading FireClan for all of this time (3 years now?). You've been such an amazing leader and so very patient. You were very helpful when I first joined TWG and I'm very proud to have called you my leader. FireClan wouldn't be the same without you and neither would TWG. I'll miss you and I can at least relate slightly to how hard it can get to be active. 
You've been so great and amazing Kindles, thank you!! <3
oOBubbleBirdOo Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU!! <33 You have been here since the day I started TWG and I will forever be thankful for all the hard work you put into the group despite your real life conflicts. I'm sure we are all sad to see you go, but maybe in the future you'll rejoin? Maybe? (: Anyway, besides all that, we send much love to you! Thank you!
JessieDagger Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Even though you weren't the leader of my clan, I just wanted to say thank you so much for leading TWG to what it is today, I feel like you've done such a great job and I am really sorry to here that you're leaving as the leader of Fireclan. I hope you're doing alright, and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your leadership, no matter how short a time I have been with the group <3.
SerenityKitsune Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Even though Fireclan was becoming inactive
i thank you so much for putting your time into the clan and TWG, you tried your best i know and none of us Fireclanners or anyone at TWG will forget you.
you were an amazing leader it was an honor being part of fireclan under your leadership
Everyone will miss you so much and your characters too
So thank you again for being our leader and part of TWG
and have the best of luck to you
maybe who knows when things get better we'll see you again someday and we'll all be waiting :')
RainningDoom Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for being a great leader Kindle, and keeping FireClan alive. I'm going to miss Kindle, and everyone else ;;
*huggles* I'm so happy I got to be in FireClan and got to be part of the little family of a clan. I'll miss having you around, and Setting is going to miss Desertrose a lot </3
8-bitLuck Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015
Thank you for all the time you put into TWG, you are amazing and hope you have the best of luck <33
suicunetobigaara Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015
I just wanted to thank you for all the time you have spend being an admin for TWG. I wasn't in your clan, but you were amazing and good luck to you for the future. 
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